Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winter Projects

We have started the process of going through our accessories.  We have painted all of our tee markers and our practice area flagsticks.  Next we will resurface our course flagsticks and put on new bottoms so the sticks fit tight in the cup.  We will be cleaning, polishing and repairing our ballwashers, garbage cans, and bunker rakes. 

Two of the larger indoor projects we have left to do are to refurbish our benches and do the yearly maintenance on our equipment.The wood part of the bench will be sanded and restained and the metal frames will be repainted. For the equipment we go through each piece and change fluids and filters, inspect transmissions and brakes, replace worn parts, grind and install new bedknives or blades and rebuild engines if neccessary.

This photo below is a project to improve the playing surface of our greens.  This is a brush that will help groom the turf (lift it up) so the mower can do a better job of cutting.  This will cut the grass in a more upright position, which in turn will create a smoother surface.  The smoother surface helps putts to roll more "true".  If you have ever heard the term "grain" this is what we are trying to reduce.  If you haven't heard the term it is: the grasses natural tendency to lay a certain direction.  Often times you can have turf on a playing surface that will lie in varying directions.  This should to be a great improvement and we completed the project in-house for a fraction of what it would have cost to buy!


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